America the multinational society by ishmael reed

Reed in his "Foreword" calls it "a gathering of voices from the different American tribes. Instead we are being influenced each and every day by every new comer that steps over that border. By asking these challenging questions he gives evidence to his readers that European people do not have only one culture.

The city has different sections, one of them consists of Islamic mosques and other section is full of a large number Hispanic people. Will Herberg in Protestant, Catholic, Jew wrote that the idea of the melting pot was misleading and that the nation was actually a transmutation pot wherein immigrants adapted to the dominant culture.

His family moved when he was a child to the industrial city of Buffalo, New Yorkduring the Great Migration. To an American with a monocultural viewpoint of this country, such a scene would be purely ironic. Download this Term Paper in word format.

They are not expected to ask for governmental assistance, since the attitude of the dominant groups is that new immigrants should be thankful for being allowed into the country in the first place. In the past, immigrants were taught in English in the public schools.

America As a Multinational Society&nbspTerm Paper

Racism is still very much with us today; it haunts our every discussion of the nation's past, present, and future. Ishmael Reeds arguments seem more valid than any other argument I have ever read about the fact that the United States in Westernizing the rest of the world.

Obviously, white ethnic groups that arrived earliest in time greatly benefit from this system of economic exploitation and help ensure conservative political views. The Puritans were a daring lot, but they had a mean streak.

While immigration has been an important factor, it is of secondary importance to the racial division. Attending his reading, he said, were large numbers of Hispanic people, forty thousand of whom lived in the same city. He has a modern third perspective view of what is happening in our time.

Both writers, though being from different times, have different experiences with Multicultural societies. In the 20th century after new immigration laws were established in USA millions of immigrant came to US virgin lands, creating here new families and societies.

This article describes experiences of the writer and those who have reported to him the vast changes and tolerance in multicultural acceptance. Indeed, all white immigrant groups were placed above blacks in American society.

Ishmael Reed

Every since the United States was founded new people from new countries have been coming to the Americas and influencing every day life and habits. These people would have to deal with prejudices and xenophobia as we still do down to our day. Reed, on the other hand, does have the ability to travel the world, hear of experiences by way of the media or internet.

To become a place where the cultures of the world crisscross. The multiculturalist respect for the other's specificity may be the appropriate form of asserting one's own superiority. Another example is when his poet friend described a city he just visited and let him guess what city it was.

So, first Reed takes a historical perspective. This tells us that not only are we influencing other countries but other countries are influencing us more than we know.

Today, even the simple concept of an English-speaking nation is fading off the continent. Because the Puritans were a group of white-American settlers, white Americans who shun the idea of a diversified nation can relate to them directly. Are their moral values as valid as all others?

Ishmael Reed’s America The Multinational Society Paper

In his next paragraph, Reed talks about Puritans. In the worst case such conflicts can cause the breakdown of these societies. Even though, they symbolize a great society who created work ethic, they were very rude, destroying others cultures, hating art, punishing people illegally in cruel ways and even killing their children for disobeying their parents.

This only seems fair to not blaim the United States for "Westernizing" culture in other countries, but aplaud the United States for being able to bring all of these different cultures together.

He claims that anyone can meet such mixing cultures in big cities of US: The idea of the melting pot has been challenged by various theorists of cultural pluralism.

Ishmael Reed’s America The Multinational Society

A poem published in Seattle in"beware: Reed goes on to clarify, that we do live in a multicultural society.America: Multinational Society Cenadra Gopala-Foster Poem At the annual Lower East Side Jewish Festival yesterday, a Chinese woman ate a pizza slice in front of.

Ishmael Reed. MH Analysis of Rhetoric. Directions: Read the passage; then answer the questions. Staple your responses to this assignment. Paragraph 3—Define monocultural.

Reed's Essay "America: The Multinational Society". In this essay, Reed explains how American culture is portrayed as if it consists of a civilization created by the people of Europe. Where, in fact, it is made out of multinational influences. He mentioned some examples of countries that are not.

Ishmael Reed discusses and expands on the concept of the American "melting pot" in his essay "America: The Multinational Society." Citing Yale Professor Robert Thompson, Reed celebrates modern American culture as being a "cultural bouillabaisse" consisting of a rich melange of people from all parts of the world.

Check out our top Free Essays on America The Multinational Society to help you write your own Essay. America: The Multinational Society In “America: The Multinational Society”, Ishmael Reed () states that American culture is like “bouillabaisse”, consists of different layers of culture backgrounds all over the world.

America the multinational society by ishmael reed
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