Eastern and western education

The sweeping changes of the post World War II period did not result in significant shift in the French colonial educational policies.

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They are often given assignments in the format of a report or project and will have to do their own research and gradually develop their independence. It was introduced by the Europeans to consolidate their imperial rule in Africa, but it ended up assisting Africans in the liquidation of colonial rule.

A similar school was founded at Christiansborg also in Gold Coast by the Danes inand like Elmina, it was for mulattoes under a Danish Resident Chaplain. The report of the Educational Committee of the Privy Council ofwhich was quite critical of the literary education provided by the missionaries, advocated a strong vocational education for Africans.

Effort is emphasized upon, but not too much on standardized testing, as their Eastern counterparts are. They are much more collective-oriented than their independent counterparts in the West.

Eastern philosophy is also more about the spiritual while Western philosophy is more of a hands-on style. No doubt, the Belgians had the worst record in the provision of education for Africans.

Strangely, there is little sign of systematic teaching of theology, apart from that given by the professors of biblical studies in the 12th-century patriarchal school. Western education produces people who are able to make choices more consistent with their own true interests.

Somehow the community has formed a rather queer concept that certificates and scores are believed to represent ability. For a description of education in various specialized fields, see historiography ; legal education ; medical education ; science, history of.

Rather, what followed was the wholesale adoption of European customs, political systems, and other ways of life through what has popularly become known as neo-colonialism. The various colonial governments eventually became more involved through far-reaching educational policies and reforms, providing broad guidelines for the schools.

If we take a look in the Western way, they have a comparatively relaxed pace of learning. These children were to be educated as Christians, speaking the Dutch language and imbibing the Dutch culture. Life is round, and the recurrence with everything around it is important.


Eastern systems often instill moral value in education. In other Western countries the schools may be larger, the outside play areas smaller and as in the US students may not be wearing uniforms. Due to its Christian influence, there has to be a beginning and end to find meaning.Flashback to when Greg told us how many points he was going to score before our BIG game against Hamden CT.

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Catch us tomorrow as we play sports in our home town, Lowell MA. Education - The Byzantine Empire: The Byzantine Empire was a continuation of the Roman Empire in the eastern Mediterranean area after the loss of the western provinces to Germanic kingdoms in the 5th century.

Although it lost some of its eastern lands to the Muslims in the 7th century, it lasted until Constantinople—the new capital founded by the Roman emperor Constantine the Great in Eastern education, on the other hand, discourages the pursuit of learning that has no strictly practical purpose, such as visual and performing arts.

Eastern education, however, is an efficient way of training people to perform tasks that require quick and precise thinking. Apr 05,  · A few of us believe that the entire Christendom is bound together as religious establishment, however it also has numerous divisions and splits just like the Western and Eastern Christianity churches.

Their official division occurred in the year in view of a. A wonderful article here on ChinaDaily said that spending for education increases annually by about 20%. As a foreign teacher here, I'm wond ,Chinadaily Forum. With the growing influx of Asian students into Western universities, the battle for superiority between Eastern and Western education has resurfaced.

Eastern and western education
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