The educational crisis in the arab world

The competition between nations for ground-breaking research, innovation and technology is intense as history witnesses. Belbagi is a political commentator.

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Sadly, the people do not know how to protect their rights or resist against the The educational crisis in the arab world and so a state of chaos has emerged in the Arab world.

They need to be trained more in order to educate students in a more useful and interesting way. That is why, one thousand years ago, the most developed part of the world was the Arab world.

Education Crisis in the Arab world Education Crisis in the Arab world Uploaded by hafiznaeem81 on Oct 20, Preface Knowledge and education are the backbone of every society. For instance, we can see that petrol is the main export of the gulf area but raw petrol is exported, if these countries have advanced refineries and factories, from that raw petrol they can make hundreds of goods.

Effects of this problem: Poor education hinders the ability to establish new industries because the state can not produce skilled workers. The actual rate of enrolment though not as high as in the developed world but the lack of buildings and institutions leads to higher enrolment in existing arrangements which deprives many students from the right of education thus violating the human rights declaration of Embedding and ingraining science, and building and broadening the capacity for research and development in all societal activities.

Another problem is the adoption of different educational policies and the multiplicity of systems and methods in the Arab countries, which almost totally isolates these countries from each other.

The right to education was first embodied in the human rights declaration of which declared that every child has as much right to education as they do food and shelter.

One example of indecision in policy making occurred in when the ministry of higher education of Jordan was abolished reasoning to give more liberty to universities and to save expenses spent on the ministry, however, in the ministry was revived again reasoning to make more integration between universities, This example does not need further explanation and adequately conveys the state of planning in Arab states.

How can the Middle East close its education gap?

Political aspects of these problems When education is in a state of deterioration in a country it leads to problems in every field. At the primary level, whereas gender parity has been achieved in some cases, mainly for the richest girls, the poorest girls still fall far behind the poorest boys.

Students graduate from schools and universities but they do not know much about their field and can not perform their duties in their field actively.

Education is to assign every school in Malaysia to provide interesting and beneficial programmes for students such as sports and games, educational Education is one of the best investments all sectors in MENA can make. It also requires more science laboratories and research centers where scientists can conduct their research and scientific activities.

The teaching of science and technology is mostly theoretical.

The crisis of Arab civilization

Providing access to education to children affected by conflict in MENA must become a global priority. This reveals a big gap between developed countries and the Arab world. According to Al-ahram daily newspaper, lack of funding results in the lack of buildings and this reduces the number of class rooms which forces too many students into classes and forces schools to work in shifts.

Dubai ruler: In the Arab world, politicians run the economy, education, even sports!

Every thing in this world rests on hope and we hope that we can obtain success in solving education problems in order to give future generations the reality of a better future.

Cooperation with other Countries: There should be teacher workshops on a regular basis and teachers should be paid competitive salaries so they can concentrate solely on teaching rather than searching for additional work.Urgent action needs to be taken to fix the education crisis afflicting the Arab region, Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan told CNBC on Thursday.

The Jordanian royal highlighted how over 15 million children in the region don't go to school and that providing them with access to quality education could improve their lives. The Arab world hosts 11 ongoing armed conflicts, hugely disrupting educational efforts and perpetuating the crisis of learning.

Education in the Arab World

Women in the Arab world are still denied equality of opportunity, although their disenfranchisement is a critical factor crippling the Arab nations' quest to return to the first rank of global leaders in commerce, learning and culture, according to a United Nations-sponsored report in Not one Arab university features in any list of the Top universities worldwide, a fact that is hugely illustrative of the state of education and learning in the region.

This is especially appalling given that the region is home to.

Why fixing the Arab world’s education crisis is Queen Rania’s top priority

Nov 21,  · Conflict is not the only barrier to education in the Arab world. Arab children’s gender and family income remain strong indicators of whether they have access to quality education.

Educational barriers tend to be greatest for girls from low-income households living in rural areas. The Arab Muslim world has been going through a civilizational crisis for decades with low economic and educational performance, but the chaos in recent years has brought the region to a nadir.

The refugee crisis in Europe is evidence that the Arab world cannot deal with or contain what appears to be the collapse of the regional order.

The educational crisis in the arab world
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