Worksheets for writing a news article

We must admit that many of the best programmes are produced by the Americans and British companies. Role plays from newspapers are often conducted one of two ways: Plus, it is a compulsory for any candidate to pass English with credit before entering any universities.

Set a time limit for new groups to do the quiz. News articles cover the basics of current events. He said that it was a horrified experience as he never expected the two men would attack his wife and him.

But this lesson deals strictly with news and feature articles. Scripting a story 30 mins Work in pairs. Subramaniam, who was taking his dog for a walk, heard the screams and when to investigate. Tell them they have a time limit with which to skim through the newspaper. You will probably need to rewrite your script, using the second worksheet, which is all good news making practice.

With more advanced classes, you can encourage your students to read English newspapers outside of class and even submit ones that they think are interesting for you to consider using as part of a lesson.

Make a song and dance about teaching words like headline, editorial, column, leader. Students never write letters on their own, disconnected from other letters.

The first day, each group read its selections and answered basic questions. The second day, she mixed it up, creating new, smaller groups made up of one representative from each of the previous groups. Hunting for something germane Incorporating current events in the classroom is rarely as easy as running off a few dozen copies of whatever science story appeared last week in print or online.

Fun with Articles

Newspapers as a prompt Material: How long has X been… Where is …? So, if you are poor in English, you will blow you chance for better education or worse, you are going to have a big problem studying at university.

When the timit limit is up, ask two groups to get together and report to each other everything they remember that is in the news. He advised the residents to be alert and reports to police any suspicious-looking characters lurking in their area.

Teacher Resources: Activity - Writing headlines (20 mins)

The language is certainly practical when you are lost in your trip. So you have to relate the content to what they care about — not what you care about. There are currently 39 worksheets in this category with more being added regularly.

Dwell on comparative style and discourse features of tabloid papers versus broadsheets. Add a title and the text you want for tracing and watch it appear on the worksheet. This is good to practise the reading skill of scanning for information.

A newspaper any language You can use a newspaper in class without learners having to read it at all.Article of the Week – each week, students read a related article, annotate article, discuss and submit a reflection summary (inspired by Kelly Gallagher) Article Analysis – simple graphic organizer for reading and evaluating news articles, can work for any subject.

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Journalism questions for your custom printable tests and worksheets. In a hurry? Browse our pre-made printable worksheets library with a variety of activities and quizzes for all K levels.

Newspaper Theme Units 1 Photocopiable ARTICLES CAE (CPE) A t least one of the tasks in Paper 2 will invol ve writing something intended for publication. Such tasks include an article, an entry for a competition, and a review, and all could be published in an English-language magazine.

The publication can sometimes be described as. News Story Analysis Worksheet Directions: Using the NOW Online news story provided, analyze the content to learn more about the topic as well as the process of writing an informational news story.

These worksheets are based on fairly current newspaper articles which were either written in simplified German or for German speaking children.

Writing a Newspaper Article - Lesson

Each article has a vocab box for any especially difficult words. Newspaper article worksheets. Includes excellent worksheet on writing a sick note using hasslethehog (2) $ ; 10 5/5(4).

Worksheets for writing a news article
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