Writing a plain language statement

Plain Language Writing turns out to be plain good writing that can be understood. Yet although overall infection rates have declined, HIV infection rates for some populations in the US continue to rise.

Good uses of passives There are times of course when it might be appropriate to use a passive. In addition, issuers must avoid: I am continuing to work with Mike, and will share more as our ideas and projects develop.

Communicating Research Intent and Value in NIH Applications: Plain Language Examples*

A human research ethics application should include recognition and explanation of such a potential circumstance, and proposed contingency plans, where required. Additional programs developed for specific at risk populations will increase to ability to reduce HIV transmission in all individuals.

How Do I Write in Plain Language?

I should begin by asking: What will the staff be looking for when reviewing a prospectus for compliance with the new plain English rule and amendments? Use words that are appropriate for the reader When you are talking to your reader, say exactly what you mean, using the simplest words that fit.

To revisit, what are plain language summaries? He recommended using the ratings in his book to grade books not only for students in schools but also for average readers and adults learning English. Compare the following two descriptions of Computational Systems, Inc.

At the end of this guide there is a list of a few of the words that we suggest you avoid. Will the data being collected be identifiable, non-identifiable, or re-identifiable. As mentioned, you are assuming the audience for this summary is scientifically literate, and thus you need to speak to them in this way.

Rule b specifies that we "must avoid frequent reliance on glossaries or defined terms as the primary means of explaining information in the prospectus. Information and consent issues for research participants In most human research projects, obtaining informed consent from prospective research participants is based on the Participant Information Form PIF and the Participant Consent Form PCF.

We propose to employ both qualitative and quantitative research methods to determine the roles of social, behavioral, and environmental indicators on drug use.

How-To: Write In Plain Language

We believe the unique nature of these offerings and the risks they present to investors warrant requiring the issuer to highlight these risks on the cover page.

Your purpose and your thesis are not the same. Vary your writing by mixing short sentences like the last one with longer ones like this one. But now, about 20 years on, research has proved the assumptions to be correct. Because the new plain English rule is intended to enhance the readability of the prospectus through language and design, we need to see the layout of the plain English sections as you are delivering them to investors.

The s saw many studies on how to make texts more readable.

Legal writing

Some of those ways include: Either spouse may ask the court to change or cancel this order, [12] or to issue new orders. Nature of Plain English Comments Q: They should be split where suitable Split them where suitable.

Watched is a passive verb here. This work does not come from just from me, but rather from continued discussions with others, notably Mike Kelly and colleagues over at TechTel.

No, there must be some good reason for using language that no-one can understand.Plain Language is so critical to the operations of the federal government that it was incorporated into a law, the Plain Writing Act ofwhich was signed by President Obama on October 13, The purpose behind the law was to establish a “system of transparency, public participation and collaboration” as noted in the President’s.

Agency forms will satisfy a valid need and be properly designed using plain language and standardized data for easy collection, processing, analysis, and retrieval of information.: Program News. undefined Forms Inventories. undefined Form Design Showcase.

undefined. A communication is in plain language if its wording, structure, and design are so clear that the intended audience can easily find what they need, understand what they. The instruction also provides three plain language concepts (be clear, be concise, and be specific) with tips on how to write to achieve each concept.

Keep these concepts in mind as you work. Features – Plain Language in Law By Sandeep Dave, 18 Nov Plain Language: Principles and Practice, edited by Erwin Steinberg, 9. Writing in Plain English, Robert Eagleson, The Gains from Clarity, Gordon Mills and Mark Duckworth The Plain English Story, The Plain.

Cheryl has the bug, can you grab?

Plain Language = Good Writing.

A quick statement would be clutch.” and show off your wonkery with jargon, sometimes the best way to get things done is by using straightforward, plain language. Writing, grammar, and communication tips for your inbox.


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Writing a plain language statement
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